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Now Following US Congress!

I stopped following DST- and time zone-related state legislation back in 2017 because, well, it was madness what states were wanting to do: adopt Daylight Saving Time rules for their state that were prohibited by USC 260a.

Specifically, states legislators were contriving all sorts of ways to essentially adopt Year-Round DST. Some were simply declaring to go on DST and never come off of it. Others were saying they’d go do DST but then call DST their state standard time. And a few were planning to simply change their time zone to the one to their east — effectively moving the clocks in their state forward an hour.

What I’ve said all along is that none of that will be possible unless Congress takes some action to allow it. My underhanded follow-up comment was always, “You know how hard it is to get an act of Congress!” I thought it would take 3-5 years, at best, before anyone in Congress thought enough about this topic to do anything.

Well… I was wrong! There are now (March 12, 2019) three bills in the US Congress that propose to allow some form of what these state legislators have been proposing to do.

What choice do I have but to revitalize the Time Zone Report social media venues, and try to make some sense of what’s going on?

I’m revamping my approach to reaching out to you. I’ll still have Facebook, Twitter, and this web site, but I’m adding in YouTube for video and SoundCloud for audio.

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