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Following Daylight Saving Time legislation in the US

Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday in the US: Get More Sleep!!

Indicating Idaho bill "won't go forward"

Status of state DST legislation as of 3/3/2015

Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend! As you can see in the map above, plenty of states are looking at legislation this year to make changes.

Beyond the legislative issues, though, I want to help you survive the change this weekend — literally, survive.

I’m happy to live in Arizona where we don’t switch the clocks back and forth (Hawaii also doesn’t do DST), but for those of you out there facing the loss of an hour this Sunday, here’s an important reminder:

Studies show an increase in traffic accidents, workplace incidents, heart attacks, and suicides in the week after “spring forward”. Do yourself a favor and start to get to bed a little earlier each night, so that Sunday and Monday you aren’t sleep-deprived and more susceptible to the down-side of the clock change.

I want to point out a Resolution from the Pennsylvania Senate which declares this to be “Sleep Awareness Week”. While it doesn’t propose any change to DST like the other bills I’m tracking, it’s a great example of the legislature recognizing the problems relating to the loss of an hour this weekend. See my post here on Time Zone Report with more details.

Be sure you live to get that hour back on the first Sunday in November. Stay safe, and sleep well!

Adapted from my post on LinkedIn.

Updated: March 5, 2015 — 6:05 am

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