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Time Zone Report – On Hiatus

Time Zone Report – the web site, the research, and the concept behind it – is on hiatus. There is no estimated return date.

Here’s What Has Happened

Since 2015, I put a varying degree of effort into tracking legislation related to DST and time zone changes in the US, and a similarly varying degree of effort into contacting state legislators.

I’ve come to one conclusion: state legislators don’t give a damn to hear other people’s considered opinion.

I’ve never been one to contact a legislator and tell them “Hey, your bill is the stupidest thing I ever saw.”  I always treated them with respect, and provided them with facts about what the United States Code says, and how many of their proposals were, in fact, incapable of being implemented – legally.  I suppose they could attempt to follow the marijuana movement and just say “screw what the feds say – we’re doing this anyway.”

But the public, you see, is of three opinions:

  • Most people don’t care enough about DST and time zone issues to participate in any discussion about it.
  • Some people want DST year round.
  • Some people want DST to go away.

There’s a few “mixed opinions” in there, but those are the main opinions.  And I’ve had no luck convincing anyone about anything: you have your opinion, and you’re not interested in mine.

So now I give up – or perhaps, I’ve buried myself enough to keep an ear open for any DST-related legislation worthy of getting involved in.

The Site Is Still Here

All of the pages, blog posts, and menu structures are still here on the site, so if you are looking for old material, it’s still available.

What’s Next For Me?

I’m moving on to a topic that I think I actually can have some influence on: homeowner associations.  Again, there are people on both sides of the HOA issue.  Some (mostly homeowners who are not involved in their HOA) think HOAs are the worst thing ever and should be banned from the planet, while others (mostly people on the HOA boards, plus management companies and HOA attorneys) think HOAs are the most wonderful invention since the musket.

I have a middle ground view that says “boards have too much power, few HOAs use their elected officers properly, and everybody involved forgets that the members of the HOAs are neighbors first.”  I’m thinking of writing a book, and am just getting started on a new web site.  I don’t think that one will go into hiatus any time soon.

Thanks for following the Time Zone Report!

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