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New Mexico – 2015

Status Summary

One bill from the Senate is now active in New Mexico:

  • SB 377 sponsored by Senator Pirtle would request the US Department of Transportation to move the state from Mountain time to Central time, but then call the state’s time “Mountain Daylight Saving Time”.

Legislation Intent

From our Facebook post:

This bill, if passed, would ask the Secretary of the US Department of Transportation “to be transferred to the central time zone”. That’s actually good news, since the US DOT is responsible for doing this. So far, so good.

But then it gets juicy. A later part of the bill says that if the DOT approves the change:
(a) “the uniform time within the state of New Mexico shall be coordinated universal time offset by six hours throughout the year.”
(b) “The uniform time within the state of New Mexico
shall be known as mountain daylight savings time”

Wait!?! You want the US DOT to change you to the Central Time Zone, but then you want to call New Mexico’s time “Mountain Daylight Saving Time”? (Yes, it’s SUPPOSED to be Saving, without the S.)

We’ll see how this pans out. Can states get any more creative with their DST legislation?

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