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Missouri – 2016

Status Summary

Two bills now in the Missouri legislature for the 2016 session:

  • HJR 71 sponsored by Representative Jason Chipman is entitled “Proposes a constitutional amendment that establishes provisions eliminating the use of daylight saving time “.  Per the bill’s text, it would require a vote of the people and two adjacent states to adopt similar legislation.
  • HJR 60 sponsored by Representative Mike Kelly proposes to put before the state voters an amendment to the state’s constitution which would start Year-Round DST on Sunday, March 4, 2018.  The legislation further states that it will only become effective if two adjacent states pass a similar measure.  This would include: Iowa, Illinois,  Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Legislation Intent

This bill proposes to adopt Year-Round DST — if the voters approve and two adjacent states have similar measures.  However, Year-Round DST is not a legal option, according to 15 USC 260a.

Links to Legislation

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