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Following Daylight Saving Time legislation in the US

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Michigan Proposes to Drop DST

Michigan’s HB 4342 was filed yesterday, sponsored by Representative Jeff Irwin along with six co-sponsors.  This bill proposes to exempt the entire state from daylight saving time. No implementation date is specified in the bill.  Time Zone Report will attempt to contact the sponsors and determine if there is a planned start date associated with the bill.

Alabama Joins Washington and Nevada Requesting Year-Round DST Permission

Last week Senator Glover filed a bill in the form of Senate Joint Resolution 6 which requests the US President and Department of Transportation allow states to switch to Year-Round DST. We had previously reported an expectation that Alabama might have a bill to adopt Year-Round DST, but an Email from the potential sponsor of […]

Time Zone Report contributes to KIRO radio story in Seattle

Daylight Saving Time legislation has the attention of many residents in the state of Washington, and when KIRO Radio 97.3 FM wanted to give their listeners the facts, they turned to Time Zone Report for an interview yesterday. KIRO Radio news reporter Josh Kerns contacted me for an question and answer interview over Skype, and […]

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