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Mississippi House To Urge Congress About Year-Round DST

According to Mississippi’s legislative web site, Representative Andy Gipson of has sponsored House Concurrent Resolution 11 (HC 11) urging the US Congress to allow states to observe Year-Round DST. This is a more appropriate action than last year’s bill from Senator Russell Jolly which proposed to simply go on Year-Round DST.  That action is not […]

Massachusetts Bill Would Study Impact of Time Zone Change

Massachusetts has a bill filed in September 2015 that would commission a study of the impact of changing the state’s time zone from Eastern Time to Atlantic Time. Normally I search pretty rigorously for phrases relating to “daylight saving time” and “time zone”, but I’ve missed any reference to this bill, until today. The bill […]

Missouri Bill Proposes to Eliminate DST

HJR 71 sponsored by Representative Jason Chipman is entitled “Proposes a constitutional amendment that establishes provisions eliminating the use of daylight saving time “. While the bill’s title is certainly appealing to us here at Time Zone Report, the full text of the bill was not available on the Missouri House’s web site when we […]

State Legislature Start and End Dates for 2016

I was curious about start and end dates of this year’s state legislatures — and thought some of you might be too. There’s an organization called MultiState Associates, Incorporated that offers lobbying and government relations services, both at the federal level and the state level. They also provide a variety of free resources for people […]

Michigan’s Representative Peter Lucido Makes a Second 2015 DST Bill for the State

An article on the Michigan Capital Confidential web site mentions a new bill introduced in Michigan, HB 4986, which proposes to abolish DST in the state while also asking the governor to request the US DOT to move the state to the eastern time zone.  This bill is slated for the current 2015 legislative session.

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