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Following Daylight Saving Time legislation in the US

Bills By State – 2017 Legislative Session

Each bill has a link to the state’s legislature page for the bill, followed by Bill Type and Bill Status, and possibly some additional explanation or status information.
California Colorado Connecticut Illinois Iowa Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico North Dakota New York Pennsylvania Texas Utah Vermont Washington Wyoming


States with bills: 26

Total of bills filed: 37

Legend of Bill Types

Exempt DST – Intent to exempt the state from DST.

Year-Round DST – Intent to adopt Year-Round DST.

Change TZ – Intent to change the state’s Time Zone

Urge Congress – Intent to urge Congress (or other national body or representative) to change the DST/TZ law or provide other action related to DST or TZ

Safety – Typically a resolution intended to remind citizens to be extra careful around the changing of the clocks, get good sleep, drive carefully, etc.

Other – There is always something out of the ordinary!

Legend of Bill Status

Filed – Has been entered into the legislative process, but no action

First, Second, Third Reading – Successive progress through the initial introduction phase

Committee – Has been referred to a committee for active consideration (Note: some times “referred to committee” signals a dead bill, if the committee refuses to consider the bill)

Failed – Bill is dead; can be through a variety of mechanisms in each state

Passed – Bill has been approved by the legislature

Signed – Bill has been signed by the governor


AB 807 – Other, Committee. Recommended “Do Pass” 3/30; Second Read and Amended 4/3.  Proposes a state-wide vote to repeal the initiative that created the Daylight Saving Time Act, which was created approved by California voters 11/8/1949.  This would pave the way for the CA legislature to make changes to the state’s DST rules, which at this time are bound by the 1949 initiative.  While this bill wouldn’t of itself make any immediate changes to the state’s DST rules, it is a necessary precursor to doing so at a later date.


HB 1118 – Exempt DST, Failed.  House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources committee voted 2/8 to postpone indefinitely.


SB 33 – Year-Round DST, Committee.  There was a public hearing 2/27; no specific status changes since that date.

HB 5734 – Exempt DST, Committee.  Bill would “require the state of Connecticut to remain on standard time and not observe daylight saving time”.

HB 5090 – Exempt DST, Committee.  Bill requires “That the general statutes be amended to require the state of Connecticut to remain on standard time and not observe Daylight Saving Time.”


HB 3129 – Exempt DST, Failed. Re-referred to Rules Committee under Rule 19(a).

HB 424 – Year-Round DST, Failed. Re-referred to Rules Committee under Rule 19(a)


HF 206 – Exempt DST, Committee.

SF 168 – Exempt DST, Committee.


LD 203 – Exempt DST and Change TZ, Committee.


S 1720 – Safety, Committee. House concurred, senate referred to Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight. Proclamation “relative to sleep deprivation avoidance and promotion of good sleeping practices” at the start and end of DST.

S 1905 – Safety, Committee.  Similar to S 1720.

H 1700 – Safety, Committee.  Similar to S 1720.


HB 4011 – Year-Round DST, Committee.  Bill introduced


HF 2458 – Exempt DST, Filed.


HB 307 – Year-Round DST, Failed.

HB 449 – Year-Round DST, Failed.

HC 36 – Urge Congress,  Committee.  This resolution would “urge the Congress of the United States to enact appropriate legislation to give individual states the option of establishing daylight saving time as the standard time in their respective states throughout the calendar year.”


SB 229 – Other, Committee.  This bill doesn’t deal directly with DST or TZ.  It “exempts the first Sunday of November each year when Daylight Saving Time ends from current law requirements that limit the number of hours a state employee may work in a 24 hour period in certain secured mental health facilities”.  On the Senate Consent Calendar.

HJR 5 – Exempt DST, Failed.  Last action 1/5 and not on a House calendar probably means this bill is Failed, though it is not listed as such on the legislative web site.


SB 206 – Exempt DST, First Reading (House).  This bill has passed in the Senate, now is referred to the House, with first reading 2/24.


LB 309 – Exempt DST, Committee. Notice of hearing for March 3.

New Hampshire

HB 209 – Change DST, Committee (Senate).  Text: “This bill provides that, if Massachusetts adopts Atlantic standard time, the state of New Hampshire shall also adopt the Atlantic standard time, the effect of which shall be to make DAYLIGHT saving time permanent in both states.”  Passed in House, referred to Committee in Senate.

New Jersey

SR 90 – Urge Congress, Passed (Senate).  This bill makes a limited request to Congress and the President, to extend DST until the general election.  Search for SR90 in link.

New Mexico

SB 239 – Year-Round DST, Committee.  Do Pass recommendations from SPAC and SJC.

North Dakota

SB 2167 – Exempt DST, Failed.

New York

A 6937 – Exempt DST, Filed.  Referred to Government Operations Committee.


SR 31 – Safety, Passed.  This is a “Resolution recognizing the week of March 5 through 12, 2017, as “Sleep Awareness Week” in Pennsylvania.” Adopted by the Senate.


HB 2400 – Exempt DST, Filed.  A “late file” on 2/24.

HB 95 – Exempt DST, Committee.

SB 238 – Committee. 


HJR 2 – Exempt DST (Vote), Failed. This would put the question of being exempt from DST to a non-binding vote of the people.


JRS 28 – Urge Congress, Filed.  The ext of the bill is not available online, but the title of the bill is: “Joint resolution demanding that Congress abolish daylight saving time”.


SB 5329 – Exempt DST, Committee.  Public hearing was held 2/1; no status since may mean the bill is dead.


SF 125 – Exempt DST and Change TZ; Failed. Proposes to go on Central Standard Time, then exempt the state from DST.  But then goes on to say they’ll call their time “Mountain Daylight Time” all year long.

HB 141 – Exempt DST, Failed.

HB 49 – Year-Round DST, Failed.


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