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Year-Round DST… Why Not?

There are a growing number of states with legislation proposing what we refer to here at Time Zone Report as Year-Round Daylight Saving Time.  Why is Year-Round DST legislation a bad thing?

Keep in mind we’re not saying Year-Round DST is bad… just legislation proposing it is bad.  Why?  Because federal statutes prevent it at the present time!  (See more info.)

What’s a legislature to do?  Follow the lead of Washington and Nevada, who each have legislation whose purpose is solely to get the US Congress to change the law to allow Year-Round DST.  Washington’s HJM 4001 and Nevada’s AJR 4 are both good places for legislators to look for good examples of what they actually can do to set the stage for adopting Year-Round DST — in future years, if Congress will act.

Yes, it’ll take an act of Congress first.

Here’s the list of TEN states that have had considered some type of Year-Round DST legislation in 2015, as of March 3, 2015:

  • Alabama was considering it, but decided not to pursue it after the Alabama governor recommended against it.
  • Florida’s SB 432 is still active in the Senate, being introduced (read in) to the Senate on March 3.
  • Idaho’s HB 198 is the latest entry, introduced to the House Ways and Means Committee on February 26.
  • Illinois HB 1562 moved from the House Rules Committee to the House Executive Committee February 24.
  • Mississippi’s SB 2180 was killed by the Senate Rules Committee in early February.
  • Nevada’s AJR 4 doesn’t propose that the state go on to Year-Round DST at this time, but does ask the US Congress to make this an option.
  • New Mexico’s creative approach in SB 377 asks the US Department of Transportation to change the state’s time zone from Mountain to Central, the equivalent of “spring forward”.
  • South Dakota’s HB 1127 was killed by the House State Affairs Committee on February 4.
  • Utah’s creative SCR 1 requests the US Department of Transportation to move the state’s time zone from Mountain to Central, similar to the New Mexico bill.  Some news outlets report the bill is dead, but word from a Utah legislative assistance is that it could still be revived.  Utah has 2 other bills that would simply remove DST from the state at the current time.
  • Washington’s HJM 4001 asks the US President and Congress to permit Year-Round DST in the future.  Washington also has 2 bills that would remove DST from the state for the time being.

To see details of each state, look for their status page under the Status By State menu.


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  1. I have contacted both my Ohio State Senator and Ohio State Representative on this subject as I would love to see Ohio also introduce a bill that would abolish DST in our state. Please advise if Ohio has had any relevant discussions or actions on this subject. Thank you.

  2. I have noted that a dozen or so of the States either are considering or already have pending legislation meant to abolish Daylight Savings Time in their states. Could I ask if there is any such legislation pending in Ohio or even any discussion relevant to this subject? From what I’ve read so far, I would not think so, as Ohio is not mentioned. Please advise and thank you for your time. Sonia L. Price-Sergent

  3. Try exempting your state from DST, moving state office hours of operation one hour earlier, and encouraging all businesses in the state to do the same. If necessary, make Dolly Parton come to your state and sing “Working eight to four.”

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