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Missouri Gets in the Year-Round DST Foray

According to this item on TrackBill.com, Missouri Representative Mike Kelly has introduced House Joint Resolution 38, whose summary reads:

Submitting to the qualified voters of Missouri an amendment to article I of the Constitution of Missouri, and adopting one new section relating to the recognition of daylight saving time.

The Resolution expresses their intent to put a vote on the next general election ballot, asking if the voters want to “spring forward” — and stay there forever.  Essentially, they’re wanting Year-Round DST, but with a twist.  After they go to Year-Round Daylight Saving Time, the legislation says:

After this time, daylight saving time will no longer be recognized as the official time of this state.

I’m sorry… you want to WHAT??  Go to DST, but not call it DST?

I can’t wait to see the media reports…

Updated: February 10, 2015 — 6:35 am

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