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Florida Year-Round DST Bill Introduced

Florida’s SB 432, which proposes to put Florida on Year-Round Daylight Saving Time, was introduced to the Senate today.  “Introduction” in Florida legislation terms is the equivalent of the initial reading in other states.

The bill was filed in late January, and Time Zone Report attempted to contact the bill’s sponsor, Senator Darren Soto, to share the information regarding 15 USC 260a which gives the US Department of Transportation authority to sue in US District Court, which “shall have jurisdiction to enforce obedience” to any “violation” of the restrictive and superseding nature of the regulation.

The Senator and his staff have not returned contacts via FAX, voice mail, and the senator’s web site Contact page.

Updated: March 3, 2015 — 10:11 am


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  1. Nice hot state to get more sun, more A/C..more skin cancer…good thinking Florida.

    1. If Florida is going to go year round Daylight Saving Time it needs to use permanent central daylight saving time in all of Florida and making it one time zone. sunsets and summer months should be at 7:30 pm. Because it’s too hot down here it ruins the evenings and makes them too hot so you use more air conditioning

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