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Following Daylight Saving Time legislation in the US

Alabama Joins Washington and Nevada Requesting Year-Round DST Permission

Last week Senator Glover filed a bill in the form of Senate Joint Resolution 6 which requests the US President and Department of Transportation allow states to switch to Year-Round DST.

We had previously reported an expectation that Alabama might have a bill to adopt Year-Round DST, but an Email from the potential sponsor of the bill, Senator Glover, indicated that such a bill would not be forthcoming, since the governor had advised against it.

We’re glad to see they are pursuing Year-Round DST in the “most correct way”, and encourage legislators in other states to join the effort.



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  1. Unfortunately, my state (Nevada) has it backwards for children and those who want to conserve A/C costs. Normal states like Arizona and Hawaii have already stayed with Standard Time, but here, they want more heat and sun in the evening and said kids should fend for themselves in the morning when it’s dark. I hope Congress nixes this and puts all of us on Standard Time. Here, tourists like late sun so we all will suffer. May have to move to a normal state.

  2. We are farther east than Bosie and should be on mountain standard time year round. We are already on the equivalent of that time eight months out of the year anyway. The four months that we aren’t is not hot and would not increase A/C bills. Kids already spend more than half the year going to school on daylight savings time as well. So it makes no sense for Nevada to be on Pacific time or Pacific daylight savings time when the state would be well served to be on Mountain standard time year round.

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