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Another Missouri Committee Votes “Do Pass” On Year-Round DST Bill

Yesterday, the Missouri House Select Committee on General Laws voted “Do Pass” on HJR 38.

HJR 38 proposes to “spring forward” in March 2017 and stay there, effectively going into Year-Round DST. If you’ve followed Time Zone Report at all, you know that Year-Round DST is not permitted by federal statutes.

The legislation also says “After this time, daylight saving time will no longer be recognized as the official time of this state”… basically stating (paraphrased, my words) “we are moving the clock forward an hour permanently, but we’re not going to call it Daylight Saving Time”. Those silly state legislators!

Previously HJR 38 was also voted “Do Pass” in the House Government Efficiency Committee on March 19.

Updated: April 16, 2015 — 5:55 am

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  1. Too bad we can’t have one law for the whole country but that would make too much sense. I can understand DST in northern cold climates, but in hot desert climates it only adds to A/C bills, heatstroke, and kids going to school in the dark…bad here with unlicensed drivers, uninspected/unregistered/uninsured cars, and people who don’t read English traffic signs. Hope Congress ditches these decisions made by our legislators pressed by businesses who benefit from long hot summers.

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