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Now Following US Congress!

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I thought it would take at least 3-5 more years before we ever saw any legislation in the US Congress about Daylight Saving Time.

I was wrong! Three bills now in Congress!

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The three bills are:

  • H.R. 1556 – To make daylight savings [sic] time permanent, and for other purposes.
  • S. 670 – To make daylight savings [sic] time permanent, and for other purposes.
  • H.R. 1601 – To allow States to elect to observe daylight savings [sic] time for the duration of the year, and for other purposes.

The first two bills are supposedly identical legislation, one in the House, the other in the Senate. The last one is just in the House – so far.

Unfortunately, none of the actual text of these bills is available as of this morning. As stated on the Congress.gov web site for these bills:

As of 03/12/2019 text has not been received for H.R.1556 – To make daylight savings time permanent, and for other purposes.

Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from GPO, the Government Publishing Office, a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. Delays can occur when there are a large number of bills to prepare or when a very large bill has to be printed.

From the Text tab of H.R. 1556 at Congress.gov

Stay tuned… this could be interesting!


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  1. What happened to the push to make DST permanent year-round? Do we need to start a petition? How about a DST rally? Or maybe everyone donate $1 to bribe Congress into getting off their butts and doing something? I don’t think I can go through this again in November!!!

    1. As I expected, it looks like almost nothing has happened with the various US Congressional bills relating to Year-Round DST. Take a look at the status of these bills on the US Congress site. Note that other bills that mention daylight saving time are getting some traction – but these bills don’t actually affect DST rules. The DST-relat3ed buills haven’t seen any action since March or April of 2019.

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