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My Analysis of Current US Bills

As of 9:00am MST March 27, 2019

The text of all three daylight saving time-related bills in the US Congress is now posted. Below is my brief summary of each, with links to the bill main page on Congress.gov, the PDF of the bill text, and a PDF document with my interpretation of the effect the bill will have on the current United States Code, specifically 15 USC 260-264.

You can view a video describing these bills here (ready soon!).

HR 1556 & S 670

The contents of these two bills are identical. (See this article for a discussion of “companion bills” — a single bill introduced in both house and senate.)

See the HR 1556 web page and the S670 web page for the various sponsors and to track movement within their respective chambers. See a PDF of the text of HR 1556 here, and the text of S 670 here.

I have created one PDF containing the text of 15 USC 260-264 and applied the current proposed bill, so you can view the effect of the bill on the current US Code here.

These two companion bills propose to eliminate the provision of Daylight Saving Time from 15 USC 260a entirely, and then in 15 USC 261 to essentially redefine the time zones to be an hour earlier than their currently observed times. The bills do contain a provision for states (such as Arizona and Hawaii) that do not observe Daylight Saving Time to not adjust their times, as well as portions of states that have been granted permission to observe the time zone from a neighboring state.

HR 1601

See the HR 1601 web page for information about this bill, and a PDF of the text of HR 1601 here.

You can view the effect of the HR 1601 on the current US Code here.

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