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As Expected, No Movement

If you’ve followed or looked at this site, you know I’m not actively tracking every mention of DST in state or national legislations, primarily because there’s no need to track things that aren’t moving. All the bills that have been introduced “are where they are”, though there are some minor twitches that are interesting.

For example, right after the several US bills were introduced in Congress, I’d see alerts out of the congress.gov site where one or more additional sponsors or co-sponsors were added, but nothing about any actual consideration of the bills. So “nothing new to report” now about six months later.

There have been state legislatures that continue to create bills saying the state will go on Year-Round DST, though now — as opposed to several years ago when I was first observing such legislations — legislators are at least including language that says “we’ll only do this if/when the US Congress say’s it’s okay”. A few states have actually managed to pass their legislation, but the end result is still “nothing has changed”, since the US Code doesn’t permit it. Yet.

Will it ever? I know better than to predict!! In the meantime, I’ll post something here on the Time Zone Report at about the same pace: one article every six months should do it.

Updated: September 19, 2020 — 5:52 am

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