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Status By State – 2015

If you’re looking for a summary page of what’s going on across the US, instead of looking state by state, look at the Legislative Summary category of posts.

For a map of states color-coded by legislation and status, click here.

The Status By State menu above lists all states with legislation under consideration during the 2015 calendar year. It may also include information on:

  • States where legislation is believed to be in preparation to be filed
  • States where anticipated legislation has been delayed or halted before filing

This includes states with:

  • Legislation submitted during 2014 intended for consideration in 2015
  • Legislation which has already been acted upon in 2015, whether approved, rejected, or acted upon in any way.
  • Multiple submissions or versions; for example, a state’s Senate and House might introduce legislation simultaneously, or a bill might be amended.

Each individual state page includes:

  • A summary of the status of the state’s legislation
  • A brief description of the intent of the legislation (in layman’s terms)
  • A link to the legislation on the state’s legislature web site, If available.
  • Links to bill sponsors
  • A link to all relevant posts on TimeZoneReport.com for the state

Go to the sub-menu for each state to view the information.

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