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Other Interesting Links

Here is a random collection of interesting DST-related links to information we’ve found online.

DST Facts

Numerous articles and web site have facts about time, time zones, and DST.  Here, we compile a list of some of the more interesting titles and articles.

  1. The US Department of Energy’s March 2014 article “Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Daylight Saving Time“.
  2. The Christian Science Monitor’s November 2014 article “Daylight saving time: Is it worth if? (+video)” by Brad Knickerbocker.

History of DST

There are many accounts of “how we got here”.  Mind you, not everything you read on the Internet is actually true, so we do recommend reading several articles and forming your own opinion on fact vs. fiction.

  1. National Geographic’s March 2006 article “The History of Daylight Saving Time” by Jennifer Vernon.
  2. Text of a New York Times article from February 1967 “PROTESTS ON DAYLIGHT TIME PERSIST DESPITE NEW FEDERAL LAW ON UNIFORMITY” by Douglas E. Kneeland, as hosted on a Saint Michael’s College (Colchester, VT) web site.
  3. Text/transcript of a hearing before a congressional subcommittee on May 2001 entitled “ENERGY CONSERVATION POTENTIAL OF EXTENDED AND DOUBLE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME” from a US House of Representatives web site.  Note link labeled “Inserts” at top to copious additional material presented.  A more concise text without additional information is available on the DOT web site here.

Status Tracking

Here are a number of site with information useful for tracking DST and other legislation.

  1. TrackBill.com
  2. Links to all 50 state legislature websites on Multistate Associates, Inc. web.
  3. The US DOT has a web page entitled “Recent Time Zone Proceedings“, grouped by state/US territory.  As of February 4, 2015, the page indicates “Updated: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 “.

Specific States

Some articles we found were targeted to specific states.  Here they are, grouped alphabetically by state.


  1. From the Arkansas Law Review at the University of Arkansas, Professor Dustin Buehler’s fall of 2010 article “Congress Should Enact Year-Round Daylight Saving Time


  1. USA Today’s March 2013 article “Some pine for a different time in Indiana“, but Alex Campbell.


  1. From the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, a video circa 1968 of Texas Speaker of the House Ben Barnes explaining the effect of Daylight Saving Time on Texans.

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