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Following Daylight Saving Time legislation in the US

Bills in 2010-2014

Note: we are in the process of compiling a database of DST-related bills. To see this work-in-process, view this.

See the 2015 status pages by state here.

A number of states have considered legislation regarding time zones and Daylight Saving Time in years prior.  All of them failed.

We’re focusing on gathering and documenting this information on bills from 2010 to last year.  As we find bills from earlier, they will be documented here.

In 2014

In 2013

  • Colorado. From Huffington Post article which said they were proposing Year-Round DST, requiring a referendum in 2014 and going to effect 2015.  Apparently there was also a 2011 effort in Colorado as well, according to a Denver Post archive.
  • Florida.  According to this article on the Investor Place web site, Florida had legislation in 2013.  On the FL legislature web site, one bill was withdrawn prior to introduction, the other died in the Education Committee.
  • Missouri.  From Kansas City Star online.  The bill sought to go to Year-Round DST, if 20 states agree.
  • New Mexico.  From a PDF of the legislation on the NM legislature site.  Would have abolished DST and observe standard time all year.
  • South Carolina. From SC Legislature web site.  Intention was to move to Year-Round DST, but only when 20 states joined the “New Standard Time Pact”

In 2012

  • Idaho. From MagicValley.com.
  • Ohio. From a WXIX Fox 19 article online.  State Representative Courtney Combs proposed to “retire this World War I era antique” and go off of DST.  A bit longer article also appears on The Evening Leader web site.

In 2011

  • Colorado.
  • Montana. Based on a web search, Montana has been actively seeking to abolish DST off and on since 1999.  The most recent legislation is here, from the MT Legislature web site, which actually proposed to adopt Year-Round DST.
  • Nebraska. From a Nebraska legislature update page.  State would have abolished DST.

In 2010

  • Alaska, which has several bills in 2015, also tried in 2010, according to TimeAndDate.com’s article here.
  • Louisiana. From an Associated Press story on an online page from the Lafourche Parish, LA Daily Comet.  A similar article is on WWL TV 4’s web site. Representative Perry’s HB 922 proposed to go onto Daylight Saving Time March 24, 2010 and stay there:

On the first Sunday in November 2010, the state of Louisiana shall not revert back to standard time and shall continue to observe daylight saving time.

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